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Reliability Matters: Episode 9 - An Interview with Dr. Mike Bixenman about Cleaning Challenges, Chemicals, Components, and Cleanliness Testing

March 25, 2019

Mike Bixenman is one of the founders of Kyzen and serves as its chief technology officer. He is well-known within the electronics assembly industry and is a featured speaker at industry conferences and symposiums around the world. He is chair of the IPC Cleaning and Coating Conference held every other year in Chicago and is the technical chair for SMTA Europe’s Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference held annually in Amsterdam. He also received the IPC President’s Award and has chaired the IPC Cleaning Handbook Task Group.

"Bix" talks with host Mike Konrad about cleaning for reliability, challenging components and fluxes, methods to determine how clean is clean enough, and how and why he cofounded Kyzen Corp.

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