Reliability Matters Episode 7 - A Conversation with ITM Consulting’s Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall

March 14, 2019

Mike Konrad has known Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall for many years. Phil, Jim, and what they describe as their brothers, operate ITM Consulting, a consulting and advisory firm for the electronics assembly. Phil and Jim also produce a question-and-answer program, answering technical assembly-related questions in an equally valuable and humorous manner. As you will hear, Phil and Jim, while taking their customer’s problems seriously, don’t take themselves too seriously, which is one of the things Mike loves about them.

PCB Chat Episode 33: Josh Ewing of Bright Machines

March 7, 2019

Bright Machines is a developer of hardware and software smart automation tools for electronics manufacturing. It was founded a year ago by former executives from Autodesk and Flex, and currently employs about 350 workers around the world. Josh Ewing, head of strategy & corporate development, speaks with PCB Chat host Mike Buetow.

Reliability Matters: Doug Pauls on IPC J-STD-001G Amendment 1

March 6, 2019

Collins Aerospace's Doug Pauls chaired the IPC committee to implement a new cleanliness testing specification. IPC J-STD-001G Amendment 1 which is now active. Doug explains the new requirements of this standard and provides suggestions on how to comply with Reliability Matters host Mike Konrad.

The Week Today - Feb. 25 - Mar. 1, 2019

March 1, 2019

PCB Chat host Mike Buetow catches up on the weekly news in electronics manufacturing. This week: Changes at the top at Nordson and Benchmark, heterogeneous packaging solutions, startup Patchr's new PCB placement and layout software, and EMS earnings reports.


PCB Chat Episode 32: Eric Schneider

February 28, 2019

Patchr is a startup that recently launched a PCB design software for hobbyists and educators.  The new place-and-route tool integrates with PCB manufacturers such as OSH Park and MacroFab, and milling machines like Bantam Tools. CEO and founder Eric Schneider speaks with PCB Chat host Mike Buetow about the company's launch, the inspiration for the new E-CAD system, and whether he thinks Patchr offers a possible solution for enterprise customers.



Reliability Matters: An Interview with Dr. Craig Hillman - Design for Reliability

February 26, 2019

Dr. Craig Hillman of DfR Solutions speaks about designing for reliability. Electronics for space and automotive applications are discussed.

The Week Today - Feb. 11-15, 2019

February 15, 2019

PCB Chat host Mike Buetow catches up on the weekly news in electronics manufacturing. This week: Flex's new CEO, a new copper recovery method, and EMS earnings reports.

Reliability Matters: Improving Reliability of Circuit Assemblies in Harsh Environments

February 12, 2019

With the rapid expansion of IOT, many circuit assemblies are now functioning in unfamiliar environments, many of these environments are harsh. Additionally, many new electronic applications control critical systems such as automotive electronics. This webinar focuses on the influence contamination plays on reliability of circuit assemblies, particularly when operated in harsh environments. 

Several contamination-related failure mechanisms are presented including electrochemical migration (dendritic growth, parasitic leakage) and conductive anodic filament (CAF). Methods to determine how clean is clean enough are discussed.

The Week Today - Feb. 4-8, 2019

February 8, 2019

PCB Chat host Mike Buetow catches up on the weekly news in electronics manufacturing. This week: iNEMI's Eco-Impact Estimator project, stretchable electronics, and more EMS earnings reports.

Reliability Matters - An Interview with Johns Hopkins’ APL Engineer Wendy Casker

February 8, 2019
Changing a customer's mindset is often difficult. When a process is working well, we often resist changing the process, even if the change provides a better result. This is the "Good is the Enemy of Great" syndrome. My guest, Wendy Casker of Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory tells of us how she introduced a "better process" to her space customer.