PCB Chat Episode 2 - Joe Fama

October 23, 2017

Joe Fama is an expert in electronics manufacturing services with more than 30 years helping OEMs and EMS companies, particularly in southeast Asia. Joe specializes in taking relatively unknown electronics companies and linking them with key OEMs. His career has taken him to Singapore, Malaysia, China, Mexico and the Philippines. He also writes an occasional column. He talks with Mike Buetow about setting up three-way program among a Western OEM and NPI EMS and a Southeast Asian volume EMS that can generate a recurring revenue stream for the US-based EMS.


PCB Chat Episode 1 - Mike Konrad / Aqueous Technologies

October 11, 2017

In the premiere episode of PCB Chat, host Mike Buetow speaks with Mike Konrad of Aqueous Technologies about his experience with what happens when a contract manufacturer follows its customer’s instructions to the detriment of the product. The outcome: Product failures, blame, drama, and a really big lawsuit.