PCB Chat Episode 11 - Mike Buetow

February 27, 2018

In the wake of AS9100D, how is the electronics supply chain handling first article inspection requirements? And are board fabricators feeling the brunt of it? Mike Buetow explores the topic in this week's PCB Chat.



PCB Chat Episode 10 - Mike O’Reilly

February 26, 2018

Mike O'Reilly is director of Aerosol Jet Product Management at Optomec, responsible for leading the company's Aerosol Jet commercialization efforts within printed electronics and related markets. Prior to joining Optomec, he was vice president of product marketing at Cadence Design Systems, responsible for system level design and verification products. Mike has over 30 years of experience introducing advanced technology into the commercial sector. He speaks with Mike Buetow about Optomec's new high-volume dispensing platform.


PCB Chat Episode 9 - Randall Sherman

February 25, 2018

Randall Sherman is perhaps the leading analyst for the electronics manufacturing services and ODM markets. The founder of New Venture Research, he specializes in market and technology studies. He has a master’s in electrical engineering and an MBA, and his experience ranges from network design engineer to product market research, due diligence and business development-related services. He discusses how EMS companies are leading innovation by building intelligence into production systems.


PCB Chat Episode 8 - Mike Buetow

February 2, 2018

Mike Buetow discusses the sale of Isola and pending sale of Park Electrochemical and what they could mean for the North American supply chain.