PCB Chat Episode 15 - Mike Buetow

April 30, 2018

Keynoters for industry conferences tend to fall in one of two categories: The rah-rah types or the futurists. Why will the keynote at PCB West this fall be different?


PCB Chat Episode 14 - Manny Marcano

April 3, 2018

"Content is the most important aspect of the design world right now," says Manny Marcano, president of EMA Design Automation. Over the past nearly three decades, he has grown EMA into the leading Cadence Channel Partner as the exclusive distributor of OrCAD in North America. EMA has also developed a series of its own software products for library management, component supply chain data, and conducts training. He talks about the role of automation and whether designers are keeping up with their profession with PCB Chat host Mike Buetow.