PCB Chat Episode 26 - Thoughts on the Past and Future

November 27, 2018

The first IPC Technology Roadmap meeting was held 25 years ago. What have we learned since then? Host Mike Buetow reflects on lessons learned in researching a recent retrospective on that inaugural landmark document.


PCB Chat Episode 25 - “The Hitchhikers Guide to PCB Design” Authors Roundtable

November 5, 2018

The Hitchhikers Guide to PCB Design is a new eBook designed to teach all the things industry experts wish they knew when starting out. Authored by a group of experts representing diverse disciplines, it's a great, tool-agnostic resource for designers and engineers. PCB Chat's Mike Buetow speaks with several of the authors and the sponsor of the book, Manny Marcano, about some of the highlights and what they learned along the way.



PCB Chat Episode 24 - Mike Buetow

November 1, 2018

Since 1994, the PCB industry has relied on technology roadmaps to guide investment decisions. But have roadmaps kept up with the times? PCB Chat host Mike Buetow explores whether the time has come to position the roadmap not as a snapshot of industry capabilities at a given point in time but to get back to the original intention, which was to guide the supply chain to ensure limited resources weren’t spent chasing technologies that might not meet customers’ needs.