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PCB Chat Episode 68: The IPC-2581 Consortium on Electronics Data Transfer

November 6, 2020

IPC-2581 is a standard format for describing and transferring printed circuit board design and assembly manufacturing data from the OEM to fab and assembly. It is an open format developed by industry consensus through the auspices of IPC, and it is vendor-neutral.

IPC-2581 is being rebranded as IPC-DPMX, which stands for Digital Product Model Exchange.

On this episode of PCB Chat, host Mike Buetow is joined by IPC-2581 Consortium chair Hemant Shah, DfM expert Dana Korf, Cisco technical leader of electrical engineering Terry Hoffman, and IPC manager of design standards Patrick Crawford. They discuss the latest revision to IPC-2581, which is set to be released in November.

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