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Reliability Matters Episode 54: A Conversation with Michael Ford about Digital Twin

October 29, 2020

Michael Ford and Mike Konrad talk about Digital Twin, its purpose, value, and its future.

Michael Ford, senior director of emerging industry strategy at Aegis Software, has more than 30 years working within the electronics assembly manufacturing space. With a degree in electronics from the University of Wales, he started his career with Sony in the UK, creating software solutions as he acquired a broad range of manufacturing knowledge. He spent eight years working in Japan, which provided Ford the opportunity to expand his innovation and leadership on a global enterprise scale.

Today, Ford is senior director of emerging industry strategy for Aegis Software. Having worked with specialized software solution providers in the industry, he is an established thought leader for Industry 4.0 and smart factories. He is also actively working on industry standards with the IPC, including his position as chair of new traceability standard, IPC-1782.

Earlier this year, Ford's thought leadership on Industry 4.0 manufacturing and development of the IPC Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) was formally recognized when IPC awarded him with its President’s Award.

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