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RM 61: A Conversation with Flex Circuit and Additive Electronics Expert Tara Dunn

February 9, 2021

Tara Dunn and Mike Konrad discuss the world of flex and rigid-flex circuits including flex best practices when it comes to design and use of flex technology. They also discuss the new world of additive electronics.

Tara Dunn is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years in the electronics industry exclusively focused on the PCB sector. Her experience spans roles from manufacturing to sales and marketing.

Tara was the founder of Omni PCB, a technical manufacturers representative for the printed circuit board industry which specializes in quickturn projects, PCB design, high-density interconnects, and RF/microwave PCBs.

Tara is also the vice president of marketing and business development for Averatek which develops and licenses advanced manufacturing processes – and the key chemistries that enable them – for a variety of electronic products, including:
• very high-density printed circuit boards
• semiconductor packaging
• RF and millimeter-wave passive components

She was also a founder of Geek-a-Palooza. They get into that and so much more.

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